Ladies, the next time you feel exhausted, don’t ever feel guilty about taking some time off.

That’s the gist of a new study from the American Psychological Association. It shows that when women are tired, a whopping 80-percent say they’re likely to push through it, and not take a break! In fact, most women say they now accept exhaustion as a “normal” state of being.

Why? Psychologists say one reason has to do with the way women are raised. Basically, social cues prime women to put family and friends first, then work, and then themselves last. Experts say that leaves many women feeling guilty if they can’t fit everything in, so instead of taking a break, they just add more things to their “to do” list.

Plus, experts say women are determined to prove that they can juggle both family and career responsibilities. They think that in order to get ahead, something must be sacrificed, and whether you choose long hours at the office, or “marathon mommying,” the sacrifice tends to be sleep.

Also know this: New research shows that many women don’t even know they’re exhausted. That’s because when you’re fatigued, your body pumps out stress hormones, which can act as a stimulant. But as you might guess, numerous studies show that always being “on the go” carries some serious health consequences. For example: You’re more likely to get sick, because your immune system’s weaker, and you’re more likely to gain weight, because your metabolism is shot. You’ll also look and feel like a zombie, and you may even show symptoms of depression. Experts say the reality is that you may not be depressed at all, just in need better, consistent sleep!

So know this: There’s no such thing as being “a little tired,” because fatigue seeps into every bodily function. So, if you’re getting sick more than usual, or gaining weight for no reason, experts say those are red flags that you need to stop and take a break.