Pretty soon, anything written in cursive handwriting will be like a secret spy code. In fact, future generations of North Americans won’t be able to read or write anything but block printing. Because schools everywhere are cutting cursive from their curriculum, because they don’t have time to teach it.

Educators say they have to devote a majority of their classroom time to prepping students for standardized tests. Plus, most kids already know how to print, and to type on computers. So, they argue that there’s no need to waste valuable school hours on something outdated, like cursive writing.

But experts warn that cursive writing is a major brain booster that helps you in all aspects of your life.

For example, studies show that every time you write in cursive, you’re boosting your creativity. Because unlike typing, handwriting taps into the same creative areas of the brain used for art and music.

It also helps learning in general.  One recent study found that students who wrote in cursive learned faster than students who typed. Why? Because writing in cursive reinforces the material. Kind of like a double dose of learning.

If you want a cursive refresher, check out the smartphone app ABC Cursive Writing. You can watch cursive writing demos, and practice by using your fingers to write on your smartphone’s screen. It costs a buck to download on iTunes.