Hey ladies – wish you could read your man’s mind? Well you can, just by paying attention to his body language!

Here’s the scoop on what his little gestures mean, courtesy of Woman’s World magazine.

  • He yawns while you’re talking to him. You may think he’s bored, tired or just plain rude, but he may actually be squirming! Dr. Lillian Glass, author of the book I Know What You’re Thinking, says that yawning is a sign that a man is uncomfortable with a conversation. It’s an escape mechanism for being unable to confront a painful or stressful topic. When he can’t express himself verbally, it often releases itself as a yawn. 
  • He taps his chin while you’re talking. You might think he’s bored or fidgeting, but he’s actually fascinated by what you’re saying! Research shows that when a man is really interested, he’ll tap his chin at the same pace you’re talking. Why? Because he’s so in tune with what you’re saying, he’s subconsciously moving at the same rhythm. So, ask him his opinion on the subject and you’ll REALLY keep him interested.
  • He’s speaking too fast. You might think he’s excited about a topic, but he really just wants you to agree with him! Glass says talking too quickly is actually a manipulation technique. He’s trying to focus all your attention on him and what he’s saying, so you won’t be thinking about how to respond – and possibly argue with him! Chances are, he’s doing it because he doesn’t think he can win his case any other way.

Now, here are a couple of differences in how men and women interpret body language:

  • When a person nods their head. A woman thinks “You’re listening to me” and a man thinks “You’re agreeing with me.”
  • When a person stands too close. A woman thinks “you’re crowding me” and a man thinks “You’re interested in what I’m saying.”
  • When a person holds eye contact. A woman thinks “You’re listening to me” and a man thinks “You’re flirting with me.”