This comes from Rodale Publications.

  • First, eating eggs is one of the best ways to save your eyesight. Because they contain lutein, which helps prevent blindness caused by age-related macular degeneration. Researchers at Tufts University found the human body absorbs lutein from eggs 3 times better than from spinach or vitamins. So, eat those eggs and save your eyes!
  • Then, prick up your ears! Vitamin E may help prevent   and even reverse   sudden hearing loss. People who have sudden hearing loss are normally given steroid injections and told to rest--But a study in Israel found that people who also got 400 milligrams of vitamin E twice a day, were twice as likely to regain most of their hearing. Why? Researchers believe vitamin E helps repair inner ear damage caused by loud noise.
  • And now that we've covered eyes and ears   no pun intended! - here's a heart-healthy tidbit: Kiwi fruit may cut your heart attack risk. Researchers at the University of Oslo found that people who eat 2 kiwis a day have a 15 percent drop in the chemicals that cause blood clots and hurt your heart.

Bottom line   if you want to protect your eyes, ears and heart, eat eggs, get plenty of vitamin E, and make the kiwi your fuzzy new friend.