If you’re like most people, it’s been awhile since you got a significant raise. But there are ways you can maximize you chances of being rewarded: 

  • First: Show up early. Workplace efficiency expert Brian Tracy says that workers who arrive before the rest of the team and do their most unpleasant tasks first are more productive compared to the trickle-in-late group. So,punctuality is something the higher-ups reward when evaluation time rolls around. 

  • Another way to increase your odds of getting a raise: Don’t complain. Everyone knows it’s not smart to gripe in front of the boss. But headhunter Amy Hoover says that dishing to your best friend or even thinking negative thoughts can sap your energy and motivation because the more negative you feel at work, the less focused and productive you are. So if you catch yourself grumbling, think of the reasons you’re lucky to have your job because putting a positive spin on things is a proven mood-booster.  

  • Finally: Volunteer for tough projects. Career expert David Bakke says that stepping up to the plate when nobody else wants to is great a way to become invaluable because it shows you’re a team player who puts the company’s needs above your own. It also means that at raise time your boss will probably dig as deep into the budget as they can to make sure you stick around.