If you have a job interview in your future, then wear a suit - even if you’re interviewing for a job at McDonald’s.

That advice comes from Carolyn Thompson. She’s an executive job recruiter who says that in today’s tough job market – where an average of 7 candidates are applying for every job opening - you should be dressing formally for every interview, no matter what the position.

Why? Basically, Thompson says there’s been a backlash in recent years to the so-called “business casual” look. That means a growing number of hiring managers are giving preference to candidates who wear a suit to the interview - even if the “normal” work dress code is flip-flops and shorts!

Thompson says a suit helps send the message that you take the interview – and the potential job – seriously.

That’s why she recommends dressing up in a nice, tailored dark suit. She says it’s okay to show some personality by choosing a tie with crisp geometric shapes, but absolutely no novelty ties!

And the suit rule applies to video interviews too, because one reason companies use video technology these days is to evaluate your appearance. 

What about women? Experts say women have more leeway – but what you wear should express the same seriousness and formality. So, no short skirts or skimpy tops.