There’s a new list of dating rules that’ll improve your love life. They come from real people just like you who took part in a study called Singles in America:

  • Yes, it’s okay for women to ask men out – in fact, it’s preferred. More than 9 out of 10 guys say they’d love it if a woman asked them out because it’s a total ego boost. Plus, it takes confidence to make the first move – and that’s a very attractive quality in both men and women.

  • The person who did the asking should always pick up the tab. That said, almost all of the singles surveyed said it’s nice if their date offers to pitch in – even if they don’t plan to accept the offer.

  • Privacy’s out, transparency’s in. In the study, 80% of people said there’s no way they’d date someone who refused to share their phone, laptop, or the text messages they send to others. So, if you’re not willing to open up your digital life, be prepared to spend Saturday nights alone.

And the new rules seem to be working. In fact, study author, anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, says that over 75% of the married couples who took part in the survey reported that – if they had it to do all over again – they’d still marry the same person.