How many roses and bracelets can you give your sweetie year after year? Well, thanks to the web there's no shortage of gift ideas. But some of them are just plain odd.

  • Want to give them something they'll never forget? Try adopting a "Hissing Cockroach". They won't forget and they might not forgive either. For $10 bucks, Binghamton, New York's Zoo will let you adopt a cockroach for your sweetheart. It includes a photo of your "pet", a cockroach fact sheet and a free pass to visit the little hisser at the zoo.
  • Cockroach not your style? You can also adopt a bearded dragon, black vulture or, and I'm not making this up, a bleeding heart dove.
  • If this is too out there, maybe you could just add something new to a romantic meal. You might've already tried wine, champagne or a truffles. But how about beer? You might want to try a "chocolate beer". It might sound weird, but it's actually nothing that new. A lot of dark beer and stouts have been adding the essence of chocolate to their beers to give them an added richness for years. One of the newer chocolate beers is made by Sam Adams. It comes in a magnum, much like champagne. And it's supposed to go well with roasted chicken and fresh fruit.

If you want to try any of these ideas, I've put links up at Tesh .com. Or if you have another unique idea let me know about it toll free at 866-865-TESH.