If there’s one thing people are, it’s predictable! According to a new study, most of us do the same thing at the same time each day.

Researchers at Northeastern University used cell phone records to follow the movements of thousands of people over a three month period. Every time someone received a call or sent a text message, a computer tracked the phone’s unique ID and was able to pinpoint the location of that person.

The results? Well, despite the fact that a lot of us think we’re spontaneous, researchers were able to predict a person’s location 70-percent of the time! 

The fact is, most people rarely go farther than 6 miles from home. And those who do travel long distances fall into a regular pattern once they arrive at their destination.

The researchers hope these findings will be useful for big picture issues - like traffic planning and disease control. But on a personal level, there’s nothing wrong with being a creature of habit. Studies show that following a routine makes it easier to exercise, eat right, learn new skills, and have a healthy marriage.