There's a new device that fits inside your mouth so you take smaller bites. According to USA Today, the device is called the DDS System and looks like a retainer. And just like a retainer, it fits up inside the roof of your mouth after a dentist has made of mold of your upper teeth.
The DDS System is removable and costs between $400 and $500 dollars. According to William Longley, the CEO of Scientific Intake, the company that makes and markets the product, many people eat so quickly, their stomach doesn't have a chance to send the message to the brain saying, "stop eating, I'm full!" The DDS System device helps you slow down and so you feel satisfied with less food.
It was tested on 32 overweight people, and the DDS System reduced their caloric intake by 25 percent. More research is in the works to see how the device works long term. But if you're interested, go to Scientific Intake .com.
Then all you have to do is remember to put the darn thing in your mouth before you chow down!