Here are some dating rules you might like to brush up on, courtesy of More magazine:

  • First, how much a person makes you laugh is a lot more important than how much money they make.
  • Then, those little tics and strange habits they have--They'll either become instantly unimportant the moment you fall in love   or bug you more and more until you just run screaming in the other direction.
  • Another thing to remember when you start dating again is--When a man says he prefers a woman with her own interests, what he really wants is someone who won't complain if he goes golfing twice a week.
  • And if a man says he "loves really smart women," see how he reacts when everyone at the dinner party is hanging onto every word you say.

Now that we've covered dating tips, what are the most romantic words anybody can say? According to a recent survey: Women want to hear--"I can't wait to hear what you think about this--" And men think the most romantic thing a woman could say is, "No, no, no, I'll do it--Just put your feet up and relax."