Well, here's another one to remember   "If you buy them, you will eat!" That's the word from Shape magazine. They say that when it comes to fruits and vegetables, if you simply buy them and keep your fridge stocked, you'll eat more. And so will your kids! Dianne Neumark-Stanier is an associate professor at the University of Arizona. She and some other researchers tested this theory and found that for adults, teenagers and even younger kids, keeping produce around the house significantly increased their daily intake.
And health experts say this is a good thing! Eating lots of fruits and veggies decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. They recommend five or more servings per day. And even if you don't eat that many now, just having them around can change this.
And don't use the excuse that they'll go rotten! Experts say frozen fruits and vegetables have about the same nutritional value as the fresh stuff. So fill your freezer, and get snacking!