But I've got some tips right here on how to make pink work for you. They're from the pages of Woman's World magazine:

  • First, pink light reduces stress. So, trade in your bright white lightbulbs for pink-tinted ones. The soft glow is easier on your eyes, and studies show the mood-enhancing glow of pink reduces tension.
  • Next, if you want to stick to your diet, think pink! Paint your kitchen a pale shade of pink, or try eating off pink plates. Diet researchers found that pink is a mild appetite suppressant.
  • Another thing pink can do for you is: Give you a better night's sleep. So, stick some pink candles, pillows, or even sheets in your bedroom. Studies show the soothing effect of pink helps you wind down after a hectic day, and fall asleep faster.
  • Psychologists also say pink is the "happiness" color. It has a positive energy that increases your feelings of passion, power, enthusiasm, compassion and love. And it also makes you feel more attractive.
  • And finally, pink can help you perform better at work. So, try putting a vase of pink flowers on your desk. Studies show that just looking at a soothing shade of pink has a tranquilizing effect on the body. And it'll help you stay calm and focused throughout the day.