Sound impossible? It’s not, if you follow these tips we found in Woman’s World magazine.

First: Switch from plastic to cardboard containers. A Cornell University study found that low-fat or fat-free milk stored in clear or semi-clear containers contains 90% less vitamin A. This plays a crucial role in warding off premature aging. It seems that milk is sensitive to light, and all those hours under bright supermarket bulbs depletes its vitamins. But milk stored on cardboard containers is protected from the lights.

Next: Switch from canned to frozen vegetables. Each cup of canned veggies contains a whopping 600 milligrams of sodium – which hikes up your blood pressure. Switching to frozen vegetables cuts out the sodium completely. Also, cutting back on sodium eliminates bloating and water weight gain – enough to help you lose 11 pounds in 6 weeks.

And a final health tip: To boost your energy, switch from regular to all-natural peanut butter. Most people don’t know this, but regular peanut butter contains two hidden energy zappers – sugary corn syrup and extra salt. This not only slows you down, but it can spike your blood sugar and raise your cholesterol. But if you eat all-natural peanut butter, you’ll get an energy kick for hours. And research also shows that the healthy, monounsaturated fat in peanut butter can help lower your risk of heart attack and diabetes.

And here are a few surprising swaps you can make to cut down on your calories:

  • Instead of granola, try Raisin Bran. It has 82% less fat.
  • Instead of salted peanuts, go for pretzels. They have 94% less fat.
  • Replace your hamburger with a veggie burger and you’ll save 320 calories.
  • And finally, if you need a pizza fix, pick cheese pizza over pepperoni. You’ll cut your fat intake by 48%.