If you’re facing major surgery, studies show that hypnosis can help calm your nerves and change your mind-set. By relaxing and repeating softly-spoken suggestions – like, “You’re doing this for your health” – a hypno-therapist can help you feel more positive about the procedure, and help you heal faster.

Research also shows that hypnosis can reduce pain during and after surgery. In a new study, patients who were briefly hypnotized before breast cancer surgery needed less anesthetic. They also had less pain, nausea, and fatigue after the procedure. And that’s not the only benefit. Surgical patients who are hypnotized may only need a local anesthetic, so they spend less time in the OR and typically save over $700 on the procedure.

Dr. Michael Schmitz is the director of pediatric pain at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, and he says that hypnosis can help patients enter a calm, relaxed state, where pain is tolerable and quickly forgotten.

But experts say not everyone can be hypnotized and it’s also not that easy to hypnotize someone in a busy operating room. Still, if you’d like to give it a try, check out Hypnosis101.com.