Your next job interview could include taking a personality test. Why? Because research shows that personality tests can reveal more about an applicant than their résumé. The problem is that the questions on these tests are rarely straightforward, but your answers can make or break your chances of being hired! So, here are the facts about some real questions from personality tests, and what employers are really looking for:

  • True or false: When I watch TV, I prefer watching action movies over shows about art. Believe it or not, psychologists say this question is designed to measure our ability to use logic to solve problems. Because a study found that people who watch a lot of action movies tend to be more fact-focused, while people who avoid action may be more creative. That could be important to an employer if you’re applying for jobs that require analytical skills, like engineering or detective work.

  • True or false: People often expect TOO MUCH of me. According to psychologist Dr. Rich Thompson, this question is about measuring our ability to handle stress. The thinking is that if you answer “true” that you think people expect too much from you - and it may be a sign that you’re easily overwhelmed.

  • On a scale of 1-to-5, how uneasy are you when receiving praise? Experts say pride in your work is an important personality trait to employers, so this question is designed to measure your confidence. But know this: If you’re applying for a teaching job, for example, schools tend to value humility more than pride. So, on a scale of 1-to-5, it may be best to rate your pride and humility right down the middle – at three.