A new study from Cornell University says that women’s dating habits haven’t changed in decades! Women are still choosing to nibble on vegetables when they’re on a date, because they believe it makes them look more feminine and attractive. 

But it turns out, the opposite is true. When you order a salad and only pick at it, the guy will feel like a slob when he’s plowing through his dinner. In fact, in a study conducted by the University of Toronto, men rated women of normal weight, who ate large meals, as more desirable than those who ate like birds. Why? Because men form an impression about you based on what you eat. If you seem relaxed and like you're enjoying your food, you date will perceive you as more attractive, pleasant and open.

According to the study, men, on the other hand, have changed their dating behavior. Now they’re going for the chicken over the steak. And this is the right move. When a guy plops down and eats something fatty, a girl can’t help but wonder if he eats that way all the time. It crosses her mind that he’ll probably pack on weight, clog his arteries and die early. 

So now that you’ve carefully ordered your dinner, how can you tell if the date’s going well? Here’s what you do, according to Dr. David Givens, author of the book Love Signals: 

Offer her a bite of your entrée. Dr. Givens says, if she takes the fork from your hand and slides the food onto her own plate that’s bad news, she’s closed off to you. If she takes your fork and takes a bite, good sign. If she lets you feed her, better sign. If she takes a bite and then offers you a bite of her food, bonus points – date #2 is in the bag.