With so many people looking for work, you might be tempted to do something crazy to get noticed by hiring managers. 

Like the guy who found work after walking the streets of New York passing out résumés, while wearing a suit and tie, and a sandwich board that said, “Almost homeless.” 

But employment expert Alison Green says that stunts - like rollerblading into human resources, or handing out bath towels printed with your résumé could cost you the job. That’s because gimmicks send the message that you really don’t understand the rules of business behavior. She says that “hire me” gimmicks are desperate at best - and can border on being creepy. In fact, management professor John Sullivan says a résumé towel could actually violate a company’s policy about accepting gifts. Which means, you’d never get an interview.

Plus, if your crazy antics DO get you hired – you may not like the job! Because if they’re rewarding really out-there behavior – they may expect outlandish on a daily basis. 

Luckily, there are ways to stand out without going overboard. 

In fact, career coach Jane Cranston says that looking eager and interested trumps eccentric every time. 

So make sure your cover letter conveys your passion for the job, but doesn’t paint you as an oddball. In other words, say something like, “My family has used your products for years, and I’ve always admired your company’s reputation.” That’s more likely to land you an interview than a link to a YouTube video of you singing about your epic job skills “Gangnam style.”