How good are you at spotting a liar? The average listener only spots a fib half the time! But that might soon change. 

Researchers have figured out how to spot a liar. And the test is so accurate, it just might replace the traditional polygraph someday.

In a study, volunteers were given a special computer test, and instructed to type answers to various questions as fast as they could. Sometimes they told the truth, and other times, they lied. And when the researchers analyzed their responses, they found that it took about 30 percent longer to type a lie. 

The test is called Tara – the “a-r-a” in that moniker is short for antagonistic response al-uh-thee-ometer . And Tara calculated that it took volunteers 1.2 seconds to type the truth, but 1.8 seconds to type a lie. In fact, 85-percent of the time, volunteers were slower when they lied.

Tara is so accurate, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is even considering using it.

And although you don’t have a machine like this at your disposal, what it found can still come in handy. If someone takes a slight pause before, say, answering a question, or takes time explaining themselves, they just might be lying to you.