Got a line on a job? Don’t scare your potential boss away! Here are the top 4 job-seeker habits to avoid that could make them hand the job to anybody but you.

  • Applying for every job opening a company has. Half of hiring managers say they’d blacklist a candidate who applied for too many positions. You should be aiming for jobs you’re right for, not every job available, from sales rep to PhD.-level researcher.

  • Don’t lie! That’s a huge red flag that you can’t be trusted. And over 20% of hiring managers say it’s a bad move. A slight exaggeration – like, saying you’re a fast reader, when you’re only average – may be okay. But an outright lie is never fine, like, saying you’re fluent in Spanish, when you can barely count to 10 en Español.

  • Applying for jobs you’re obviously not qualified for. A recent survey found that 15% of hiring managers are annoyed when applicants exaggerate their qualifications to fit a specific job description.

  • Don’t stalk the hiring manager with phone calls and emails because they’ll only get irritated. Ask them when they’ll make their decision and how they’d like you to follow up. Then do as they ask. Because while you may think that weekly call shows persistence – they may just see it as annoying.