What’s one of the biggest arguments parents have before having a baby? It’s what to name them!

A recent survey had parents-to-be complete a questionnaire asking them how often they argue over parenting issues, ranging from what religion to raise the child to who’s in charge of childcare.

The result? The number-one argument was what to name their child. In fact, 75-percent of parents argue over baby names, and researchers say it causes major stress and anxiety in the relationship.

So, why is the baby-naming process so hostile – when it sounds like it’d be nothing but fun? Pamela Satran of Nameberry.com says that a lot of people have an idea of what they want to name their future children – YEARS before they meet their partner. And it can be a slap in the face when they find out their partner doesn’t like those names.

Our naming expert also says that it’s incredibly difficult for parents today to agree on names because unique names have become the norm unlike past generations, where people pretty much stuck to a list of traditional and family names.

So, if you’re expecting a baby – here are a few ways to come up with names both of you will like – fight-free:

  • First: Take turns you name your first child, and your partner names the next.  And so on.

  • Another tip: Split up the names by gender. You name the boys and your partner names the girls.

  • If you plan on only having one child – have one person choose the first name – and the other can choose the middle name.

  • And the final strategy: Have each partner come up with a list of favorites, then let the other partner pick one name from the list. That way both sides are involved when choosing a name they like.