Who’s the happiest worker at your company? It’s probably the laziest person! That’s according to a new survey.

Researchers analyzed performance evaluations and job satisfaction questionnaires from 200 companies. 

The result? Low performers were more likely to enjoy working compared to their middle and high performing peers! In fact, the slackers were the most likely people to recommend their company as a “great organization to work for.”

So, why are slackers such happy employees? They’re getting paid to do the bare minimum! 

They often have the easiest jobs and minimal responsibilities because not much is expected of them. That basically translates to zero work stress, so naturally they’re happy on-the-job. And they usually don’t even realize that they’re low performers.

Meanwhile, hard workers end up logging extra hours, and pick up the slack of unproductive workers. And that tends to increase their stress and frustration, making them much likelier to look for a job somewhere else.

So, managers – experts suggest using this study as a wake-up call and meet with all staffers! Emphasize to the hustlers that you appreciate their hard work and explain to the slackers that they need to pick up the pace, otherwise they could be slacking off in the unemployment line soon!