Let’s make your boss love you. Here are some of the best ways to keep the boss happy and snag that promotion. This comes from career coach Mika Brezinski.

To start, don’t make your boss wait. Ever. If you’re late for a meeting – you’ve just told the boss your schedule is more important than theirs. And if you can’t get to a meeting on time, do you really think the boss will trust you to turn in an important project on time?

Also, treat menial tasks the same way you treat the plumb assignments. If you can’t get her coffee order right – how can she expect you to handle something bigger and more important. So just like in acting when they say, “There are no small parts, just small actors.” You have to treat the small tasks as if they are as important as the big ones.

The next way to make your boss love you: Never go see them empty-handed. I don’t mean bring the boss a gift – I mean bring a pen and notepad and take notes! There’s nothing worse than the boss having to repeat himself when you should have simply written down what he said. And that goes for more than the boss. Carry that pen and notepad into every meeting – every client presentation.  Everyone will take you more seriously – because you’ll look like you take the situation seriously. You’ll look focused and productive.

Lastly – and this is a biggie – tell the truth. Don’t lie about what went wrong – or blame someone else – or try to cover your tracks. If you get caught in a lie – it’ll erase every other amazing thing you did. Because the boss will always wonder what else you lied about. Every one is human. Admit your mistakes, tell the boss how you plan to fix it, and move forward.