If there’s someone at work that rubs you the wrong way, here’s a map to help you take the high road and heal the relationship:

  • First: Admit your part in the problem. Executive coach Kathy Caprino says that most workplace conflicts aren’t really about unwashed coffee mugs or snide comments at staff meetings. They’re about deeper issues.  For example, you might dislike someone who doesn’t have to work as hard as you do to get the same results.

  • Next: Forgive them in your own head. Say, by standing in front of a mirror, and pretending to make peace. Think that sounds silly? Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! Management consultant Mike Michalowicz says you’d be surprised how quickly the ill will can fade once you state your frustrations out loud, and let them go.

  • Finally: Do your office enemy a good turn. Experts point out that low-level work resentments are toxic because they chip away at our self-esteem. But doing a good deed - especially for someone you dislike - will boost your mood and make you happier to come to work the next morning. And there’s an added bonus: Taking the high road will increase your office cred, and gain the respect of your coworkers, which could increase your odds of getting a raise or a promotion down the road.