What’s the latest hiring trend? One minute interviews, or speed interviews, as an increasing number of companies are giving candidates just 60 seconds to convince them that they’re right for the job. 

Companies love it because they can churn through tons of applicants really fast. And applicants like it, because speed interview sessions often include multiple departments, or even multiple companies. So, you could meet 100 recruiters in a single day! And if you make a good impression, they’ll bring you back for normal-length interviews.

But critics say that 60 seconds isn’t nearly enough time to make a good impression. Especially if you’re shy, because by the time you get past your nerves, the interview’s over. 

But supporters say that 60 seconds is plenty of time to gauge a person’s personality, confidence, and ability to present themselves. In fact, studies show that hiring managers often know within 15 seconds if you’re right for the job. 

So, how can you make a good first impression at a speed interview? 

  • First, appearance counts, so dress as if you’re going to work.

  • Also, bring plenty of up-to-date résumés. And if you have great examples of the quality of work you can do, bring them. 

  • One final speed interview tip: Prepare a 30-second pitch, basically, 150 words about why you’re uniquely qualified, and the benefits you’ll bring to the company.