Odds are pretty high that you, or a lot of your coworkers, hate your job. In fact, a global study of 30-thousand workers found that nearly two out of three employees want to quit their current position. But we can make our jobs better. So, here are strategies to turn things around, and at least make it slightly less horrible. 

  • The first job turnaround tactic: Make friends. Research shows that having even one work buddy greatly increases our happiness. And that has a positive ripple effect, because we then feel more engaged, and we’re more productive. In fact, studies show that friendly employees produce higher quality work than loner workers.

  • Another way to improve a job you hate: Focus on the positive. Our brains are wired to recall negative information more easily than positive info. That’s why we usually remember the one bad thing our managers said to us and not all of the compliments they’ve given. It dates back to the caveman days, when survival depended on being constantly aware of potential threats. So, every day, identify three good things about your job. Even if it’s just that your coworker brings in homemade cookies. Because positive associations at work fuel motivation, engagement, and well-being.

  • And keep hustling, while looking for a new job. Slacking off only hurts you. That’s because when we feel a sense of accomplishment, we feel better about ourselves. Plus, if you slack off and drop the ball, you could get fired. So, keep churning out work. And in the meantime, create a detailed action plan to land a new job. Like “I’ll call one networking contact a week,” or “I’ll apply to 20 jobs a month.” Then, do it. Experts say even if you don’t get an immediate job offer, knowing that you’re taking action will make you feel better.