Is your dog driving you nuts? Here’s how to handle some of your pets’ most frustrating habits:

  • Your dog chews everything but their toys. Shoes, pillows and remote controls – none of them are safe! So why does this happen? Well, it’s healthy for dogs to chew – it feels good on their teeth. But in adult dogs, chewing anything OTHER than toys can mean they’re bored – and they want you to pay attention to them. So, aside from showering them with love and keeping your designer heels off the floor – make Fido’s chew toys irresistible. According to dog trainer Jeff Millman, just like humans, dogs want what they can’t have. So put their toys away when they’re not playing with them – this will keep the toys more novel and interesting.

  • Your pet’s shedding has turned your mild-mannered couch into a wild shag sofa. Just like fish have to swim and birds have to fly – cats and dogs gotta shed. But if it’s excessive, it could be due to dry skin, a poor diet or stress. Your first line of defense is to groom your pet for 5 minutes every day – which is also a great bonding opportunity! And try moisturizing your pet’s skin and hair through their diet. According to pet care expert Julia Szabo, dry hair drops off animals like the needles off a Christmas tree. So, add a few drops of olive or flaxseed oil to their meals.

  • Your cat tosses their food out of the bowl and all over the kitchen floor. This could very well mean that kitty doesn’t like their bowl! And if it’s made of plastic, they have good reason. Szabo says plastic harbors bacteria and causes food and water to taste bad. Or, your precious feline might simply be playing with their food – it’s a game. What you should do is upgrade to a stainless-steel or china bowl. If that doesn’t work, try a different food or a deeper bowl. And if you suspect your cat is simply having fun with their kibble-tossing, plan a play session before mealtime.