Do you have a bad boss, someone who’s a poor manager, or simply hates your guts? Here’s how to cope and keep your job when your boss is the enemy.

First, know this.  Even if your boss is 95 percent to blame for the bad blood between you, 95 percent of the responsibility for fixing the problem falls on your shoulders. Why? Because your boss doesn’t have to change their behavior unless it’s hurting the company’s bottom line.  But you have to change your attitude if you want to survive.

The first way to cope: Wait it out. Even the worst bosses hate to fire people.  Because they don’t want to have to hire and train a replacement. Bottom line: You’re safer than you think, as long as you don’t step out of line.

Another way to cope with a bad boss: Don’t get emotional. In other words, next time your boss yells at you for no reason, realize that it’s your boss’s problem, it’s not about what you did, or your character. So, try not to take it personally – and don’t get angry because they’ll just use that against you. Your objective: To be unwaveringly polite and helpful, even in the face of unreasonable anger.

The final way to cope with a bad boss: Adjust your attitude. Experts say that a lot of people with bad bosses are so stressed by it that they become rude, insubordinate, or hostile. But that simply gives your boss the opportunity to go to their boss and say, “Here’s another reason why Larry in accounting is a loser.” So kill him with kindness – and be helpful – and he’ll probably take his frustration out on someone else who gives him the reaction he’s looking for.