Researchers say you can get everything from a raise – to a good deal on a new car – if you use the right words! Studies show people react more favorably to specific words. For example:

  • When making a request, use the word: “Because.” Experts say the word “because” automatically makes your request seem more important, as a result, people are more willing to help. In fact, when Harvard University researchers asked people waiting in line to use a copy machine if they could go first, 60 percent said yes. But when researchers asked if they could use the copier first because they had to make copies, 93 percent said yes – even though no real reason was given.

  • Here’s a phrase that’ll help you get you what you want: “I’d appreciate it.” Studies show that we work harder at something if we know it’ll be valued. For example, researchers approached workers at one company. They told half of the employees to email something immediately. And they told the rest, “I’d appreciate it if you’d email this immediately.” The first group completed the request only half the time, compared to 80 percent of the “I’d appreciate it” group! That’s because people have an innate desire to be helpful and appreciated.

  • And the final phrase that’ll help you get what you want: “Thank you in advance.” Thanking someone for something they haven’t done implies you trust them to follow through, which makes them want to live up to your expectations. In fact, fundraising letters that thank potential donors ahead of time, yield 50 percent more in contributions than letters without an advance thank you.