Book stores are disappearing, and you may not know of a book club in your area, so how are you supposed to find a great, new book to read? 

A lot of people are going online.

There’s a social networking site for book lovers called It has 15 million members and counting - it’s totally free. And you can create a profile where you rate books you’ve read, list what you’re reading now, and what you’re considering next. You can add friends, just like on Facebook, and see their book feedback. Or simply browse the profiles of any of the millions of members.

Another cool feature? You can join one of the roughly 20,000 online book clubs in subjects ranging from Tudor-period fiction to biographies. In fact, there are 314 clubs for paranormal romance fans alone.

But Good Reads isn’t the only player in the online book-discovery game. You can also check out Shelfari and Library Thing. 

So, why are these sites so popular? It all boils down to trust. People used to find out about new books by browsing store shelves – and talking to bookstore employees about their picks. 

Then Amazon came along, and people started reading online reviews. But recently, its credibility has been under attack over reports that some reviews are bogus and made up just to sell books.

Experts say that because sites like Good Reads aren’t run by a publisher or retailer, and are instead purely the public’s feedback - people feel that the information is legit. 

If you want to join, check out,, or