Experts say that bad posture can do everything from cause major back pain to turn you into a slacker! So, here are the top posture killers to beware of:

  • Your job. When you sit at a desk, you tend to hunch your shoulders. And doing that every day can throw off your alignment and place excess pressure on your spine, causing serious pain. The fix? Stand up every half hour and stretch for several minutes. Then, when you sit back down, you’re more likely to sit up straight.

  • Your purse. It could also be sabotaging your posture! A study found that a heavy handbag can add 10 pounds or more of pressure on one side of your body and literally pull you off balance. So, declutter your handbag so you’re only lugging around the bare minimum. Or if you need to carry a lot of gear, use a cross body bag that sits at your waist. That’ll distribute the weight more evenly.

  • Being shy. Would you believe that being shy can hurt your posture? Experts say that when we feel awkward in social situations, we tend to make our body physically smaller so that people don’t notice us as much, like stooping over and looking down.

So, no matter where you are – check your posture. You should always take up as much space as possible by standing or sitting with your legs flat on the ground, back straight, and shoulders relaxed and arms at your sides - which instantly improves your posture.