Don’t cry at work! That’s one of the messages of a new book called "It’s Always Personal," by Anne Kreamer. She’s a former executive at Nickelodeon who says there’s a stigma attached to getting emotional in the workplace, for any reason, and she says the stigma is so powerful, that many people succeed at work, simply because they’re good at bottling up their emotions.

So, why isn’t it smart to vent, cry, and let your emotions fly at work? Because according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania, strong emotional outbursts are contagious! Researchers say we tend to latch onto strong emotions from others like a virus, because we’re hardwired to mimic emotions as a way of fitting in. That’s why a coworker’s lousy mood in the morning can drag down everyone’s mood by the afternoon, and your boss won’t appreciate having someone like that at work.

So, what are you supposed to do when you’re at your wits end at work? First, our expert says it’s important to know your “emotional triggers,” like knowing that you’ll always have an urge to scream when you get chewed out by the boss! Because knowing your triggers ahead of time can help you manage your reaction in a way that’s more productive.

Also, the next time something happens at work that makes you upset, Kreamer recommends writing about the incident in a journal. That’s because stopping to reflect will give you a chance to cool down, evaluate the problem, and then find ways to move forward.

Bottom line: Don’t get emotional at work! Want to go further? Again, Anne Kreamer’s book is called "It’s Always Personal."