What's one of the most popular times to break up? According to a study we read about on CNN, right after Valentine's Day is prime break-up time. The theory is that Valentine’s Day may be a time when people reflect on their relationship, and end it, if it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So, if a break-up is in the cards for you, here’s how to do it with minimal drama, and increase the odds you’ll stay friends.

  • First: Make the break in their territory. In other words, don’t make them come to your place or to a restaurant, where they may be humiliated in public. Couples mediator Laurie Puhn says it’s important to go to their house because it’s private.  It also shows class. After all, nobody should have to go out of their way to get dumped.

  • Next: Don’t be harsh. In other words, avoid general – and probably untrue - comments like, “I never loved you.” Instead, set the tone with a simple comment like, “This is hard for me – but we need to talk about our relationship.”

  • Another way to break up with class: Make sure they get the message that it’s really over. For example, if they say something like, “You didn’t try hard enough, can’t we make it work?!”  Try saying, “I could’ve done some things differently, but this is how I feel. I’m ready to move forward.”

  • Finally: Let your feelings show. Revealing some emotion tells them that you care, and that you’re willing to accept your part of the blame. And bring up a few good memories to let them know that you don’t regret the time you spent together.