It’s time to be taken seriously at work. Here’s how - according to career coach Rachel Keener. She says, you don’t need to be an executive to command respect. She says “executive presence comes from within.” So follow her tips and prepare to be respected:

First, when it comes to email – consolidate your thoughts. Make sure all your points about a subject are communicated in a single email. If you send a bunch of emails about one subject, it’ll look like you’re scattered and your thinking lacks focus. And that’s a problem for the younger generation, who’s grown up thinking and writing in short, broken-up bursts.

Next, to be taken seriously at work, sit front and center. This is especially important for women – who in meetings, tend to sit off to the sides. But doing that signals that you’re not confident. So sit on the side of the boss’ dominant hand – or next to the power player at work. Their aura of achievement will be shifted to you just by proximity.

Also, volunteer to lead – in any capacity you can – whenever you can. Even if it’s just signing people up for the workplace softball team. When you’re in a position of leadership, you’re taken more seriously.