The world of dating and relationships has changed! Here’s the latest from Singles in America - it’s the most comprehensive study of lifestyles and dating habits ever done, from the surveys of 5,000 singles and 1,000 couples:  

  • First, according to the study, there may be no such thing as a casual fling anymore, because these days, nearly half of all random flings are becoming long-term relationships. And experts say that’s as it should be – because casual flings actually go AGAINST our biology. Evolutionary biologist Dr. Justin Garcia says we’re wired to have a psychological and emotional connection that goes hand in hand with intimacy. And because we’re more connected socially these days – it’s making flings less likely, because it’s easier to keep in contact with each other. 

  • Another big relationship change: Privacy is out, and transparency is in. In other words, would you let your date check your phone, use your laptop, or listen to your voicemail messages? An increasing number of people say that if their partner kept those things private, it would be a deal breaker! 77-percent of women feel that way, and just over half of men. That’s why Dr. Garcia says, if you’re unwilling to be transparent, you are going to have a hard time dating, nowadays, because that transparency is now a cornerstone of trust.  

  • One final change in the dating world: Today’s couples want a deeper connection with their partner than ever before. Biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, wrote the book “Why Him? Why Her?” And she says people have never worked harder than they do now on their relationships – because we’re communicating more. We have a culture, now, where no subject is off limits – so couples are digging deeper into issues they would have buried under the rug in earlier generations.