Hiring managers are getting creative in how they screen job candidates. There are so many applicants for every job, that the people in charge of filling those slots are trying to throw applicants off their game with off-the-wall questions. 

Here are the trickiest questions an employer might ask:

  • First trick question you might hear from a hiring manager: Are you a pencil or a pen? Sounds weird, but what they’re really asking is whether you’re always working to better yourself, which would be the pencil, or are you uber-confident, which would be the pen. Either answer is okay, but I’d go with the pencil unless the job is in upper-management.

  • Next question: If you had a superpower what would it be? Choose an ability that would benefit the company, like “I’d want the ability to see into the future so I could know what people will need and get it to them before anybody else.” 

  • Third question: Can you drive in bad weather? What the hiring manager really wants to know is, how do you handle pressure. So you need to let them know that you can deal with stressful situations. Say something like, “Driving in bad weather is like dealing with a big problem at work, sometimes you have to focus more on what you’re doing so you don’t make mistakes.” 

  • And one more question a hiring manager might ask you to trip you up: Do you believe in aliens? With this one, employers just want to see how you deal with something that’s completely random. So you can be a little jokey in your answer, say something like, “I may not believe in UFO’s but I do believe that incredible things are possible.” 

The key here, with all of these questions, is to keep your cool and not get flustered. Employers want workers who can roll with the punches.