Singles, I hold in my hand three tips to help you ace a first date: 

  • Let’s start with: What to wear. Guys, go with blue. Studies show the color makes women see men as more stable and faithful. And for women, red will help you make the most powerful impression on a man. In a study, men were shown pictures of a woman wearing different colored t-shirts. Without fail, the men rated the woman wearing red most attractive. Even though it was the same woman in every picture!  

  • The next tip: Skip “dinner and a movie” date and do something exciting. Psychologist and body language expert Dr. David Givens wrote the book LOVE SIGNALS. And he says you’re more likely to bond with your date if you do something pulse-pounding, like riding a roller-coaster or go-cart racing. That’s because the adrenaline rush you get from stepping outside your comfort zone mimics the feeling of falling in love, so you’re more likely to find each other attractive.  

  • Finally: Let’s address the awkward goodnight moment. Instead of locking lips at the end of the evening, you’re better off giving your date a peck on the right cheek. The part of the brain that registers pleasure is on the left side. And since the left brain controls the right side of the body, a kiss on the right cheek will connect directly to their pleasure center, making sure that your evening ends on a high note.