Want to boost your love life? Here’s a list of some new technology that can help:

  • First, don’t make your friends sick with your lovey-dovey Facebook posts. Instead, try the Couple app. Think of it as texting with a twist. Because in addition to sending text messages to your partner, this app also lets you share doodles, photos, and “thumb kisses.” What’s that? It’s a feature where you and your partner can make each other’s phone vibrate, just by touching the same spot on your screens, at the same time! To get the Couple app, go to TenthBit.com.

  • Next, if you need a date night, try Urban Sitter. That’s an app for couples that need a last minute babysitter. With Urban Sitter, you can look up sitters in your area, and see how they’re rated. Or, you can connect to Facebook, and find sitters that your friends recommend! The app also lets you pay sitters right from your smartphone! To go further, check out UrbanSitter.com.

  • Then, you can end arguments about being too hot or too cold while you sleep. For that, there’s the Chili Pad. It’s a new machine-washable mattress pad that can heat a bed up to 118 degrees, or cool it down to a frosty 46 degrees. The twist is that each pad has two separate temperature “zones,” for each side of the bed. Check it out ChiliTechnology.com.

  • Finally, different sleep schedules can cause conflict for couples – when one gets up at the crack of dawn, and wakes the other. For that, there’s Larklife – a wristband that syncs with your smartphone. The wristband features a silent, vibrating alarm. That way, if you like hitting the gym early in the morning, you can set Larklife to wake you up gently and your partner can sleep in without hearing an alarm blaring!