That tempting spam email you got at work may have been sent by your company! 

It turns out, an increasing number of companies are hiring hackers to teach their employees a lesson! Like one company we read about. They sent out a picture of a cute white cat with the caption: “You won’t believe how cute these kitties are! Click for more!” Surprisingly, more than half of the employees clicked on it. But instead of cute pictures of cats, they got a stern warning from the technical department that they just breached security. 

Your company may even try to teach you a lesson in computer security when you’re not in the office! Security expert Ryan Jones has been hired to drop thumb drives and CDs in bathrooms, parking lots, and coffee shops near client companies. The result: Almost every single employee who finds a drive or a disc pops it into their computer where it installs software that locks their computer, snaps their picture, and emails it to the security center. 

And some companies are even going so far as to try and fool employees in person. by hiring actors to bluff their way into data centers, warehouses and executive suites dressed as delivery people, fire marshals, and people on crutches who need help unlocking doors. 

But what all those tricks are trying to teach employees is to be more security conscious. Don’t click on email links unless you know exactly who sent it. Don’t let strangers wander the halls. And if you find a CD dropped in the parking lot, turn it into security even if it has your company logo on it and a label that says “employee bonuses.”