If traffic jams are a part of your daily life, two little things can help calm your frazzled nerves: Peppermint and cinnamon. According to Health Day News, the scent of either of these two spices can help curb driver fatigue, increase alertness and ease your frustration behind the wheel. Dr. Bryan Raudenbush from West Virginia's Wheeling Jesuit University did some research. He exposed volunteers to different odors during a driving simulation, and this is what he found: * In general, prolonged driving led to high levels of anger, and low levels of energy. * Peppermint reduced anxiety and fatigue while driving. * Peppermint and cinnamon both reduced frustration. * And peppermint and cinnamon both increased the driver's alertness. And in addition to taking the edge off rush hour traffic, Raudenbush says sniffing these odors can actually help reduce the number of accidents, because drivers are more alert. So forget the pine-scented trees. If you wanna stay cool in traffic, opt for the peppermint and cinnamon scented air fresheners.