According to the Millennial generation, you’re never too old to move back in with mom and dad or to never leave in the first place! In fact, one-third of all young adults under age 31 are perfectly happy to live at home, and they’re in no rush to leave. 

A survey found that Millennials think it’s fine to live at home for at least five years after college. But that’s twice as long as their landlords – also known as mom and dad – think they should stay. From a psychological perspective, there are two types of kids who move back home:  
  • First are the perma-children. Even though they’re adults, they behave more like high school students. Their parents cook them dinner and do their laundry, and they spend any money they DO earn on going out with their friends, cars and vacations. And most importantly, they have no plan in mind to become independent and move out. Robin Ludwig is a psychotherapist who says in their minds, 28 is the new 18. 

  • The other type of Millennial living at home is the “purpose-driven kid.” Those are young adults who see living at home as temporary. They save money, have goals for their future and have a plan to eventually live independent of their parents. But leading developmental psychologists say that all of our habits and accomplishments during our 20s set the foundation for future success. And if you don’t have any accomplishments, success may be hard to achieve later on. 

To help young adults develop independence, parents should be doing the following things: Make them pay some amount of rent. Kids should also be paying at least one bill, like the cable bill or their cell phone. They should also be doing chores and saving money. If they’re not doing those things, they’ll be shell-shocked when they move out, if they ever do. Without any responsibilities placed on them, they’ll have no incentive to get on with their lives.