Here’s a statistic that blew my mind: The average child born today will spend almost a quarter of their life in front of a computer or TV screen! And here’s the kicker: That doesn’t include work-related computer use. 

According to the experts, by the time today’s newborn starts collecting Social Security, they will have logged more than 13 years worth of screen time. 

The American Pediatrics Association recommends a maximum of 2 hours a day of screen time for kids – including teens. And ZERO hours for children under age 2. But a lot of parents let their kids to spend at least 6 hours a day watching TV and playing videogames. That’s because – with so many devices available - it’s nearly impossible to figure out how much time your kid actually spends in front of a screen. 

For example, the average 10-year-old has access to a “family TV,” a TV in their bedroom, a gaming system, a computer, and a smartphone.

In addition to the health issues caused by lack of exercise, psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman says that living life in a blue glow has major social ramifications. That’s because online interactions are processed in a different part of the brain than face-to-face meetings. 

And Dr. Sigman believes we’re raising a generation of children who’ll have trouble with interpersonal relationships. 

Of course, not everyone agrees with Dr. Sigman’s theories. But it’s hard to dispute the fact that we’re becoming more dependent on our devices. In one study, 22-percent of people admitted that they preferred communicating by phone - or social media - to talking in person. And almost half used mobile phones to communicate with family members - even when they were in the same house!