Would you believe, 13 whole days! According to a study written up in the London Daily Mail, mom’s preparations include 288 hours of making lists, figuring out where to find the desired items, and doing the actual shopping. Then, she spends an average of four hours wrapping gifts, three hours decorating the house, nine hours planning, cooking and serving Christmas dinner, and 11 hours cleaning up after the celebration, which includes taking down the tree and the decorations.  What does a hard-working mother get for all that backbreaking work? A Christmas dinner that lasts an average of two hours and 13 minutes.  No wonder one in five moms say they dread the holidays! Here are some other surprising statistics:

  • Two out of three moms find the holidays stressful.
  • 29% of them start planning for Christmas in September, so they can get all the work done.
  • 46% of moms bought things during last January’s sales to get ready for this Christmas.
  • The good news is: 70% of mothers say that all the trouble to prepare for Christmas is worth it. Why? Because their families are happy!

So, want to give your mother a great Christmas gift? Offer to help out with the shopping, cooking, decorating and cleanup duties. Remember, the spirit of the season is about appreciating one another and spreading good cheer, not accumulating more “stuff” and more stress.