How long can you wait in line at the grocery store before steam starts pouring out of your ears?

Not very long - if you’re like most people. According to a poll by the Associated Press, the grocery store is the #1 most frustrating place to wait in line. Even worse than the Post Office and the DMV.

Why? Because people end up at the grocery store at least twice a week – which means they stand in a lot of lines. In fact, more than half of the people polled said they’d only wait 15 minutes, or less, before losing their cool.

Another patience tipping point? Being put on hold. The poll found that after only 5 minutes on hold, people start to melt down. Only a small percentage of people are willing to stick it out for 20 minutes. But those surveyed said that nice “on-hold music” helps them hang in there a little longer - but talk radio and company ads drive them nuts. And the poll discovered something else: folks who live in the suburbs tend to be slightly more laid back about waiting than city-dwellers……And unlike wine, patience does not improve with age! In other words, the older we get, the more we hate to wait.