Did you ever buy something you just had to have, telling yourself you’d use it all the time – and then never actually use it? Here are some purchases that go unused:

  • Soup. Campbell soups are in 85% of homes, with an average of six cans per home. But Campbell's chief executive, Doug Conant, told The Wall Street Journal, quote, "People forget it’s in the pantry.”

  • Gym memberships. A study by Berkeley found that when members were offered a $10-per-visit package - or a monthly contract worth $70 - the people who chose the monthly contract only went to the gym four times a month. As a result, they paid 70% more per visit than if they’d just paid $10 every time they went. And thanks to automatic deductions, many gym memberships go unused for months or years.

  • Home gym equipment. Consumer Reports found that nearly 40% of people who purchased home exercise equipment used it a lot less than they expected.

  • Apps. We also don’t use the apps we download - 26% of us download an app, use it once, and then never again.

  • Clothes. We don’t wear the clothes we buy. According to The Wall Street Journal, most people wear only 20% of the clothes they own.