Want to be taller? You’re not alone.

It turns out, a “growing” number of North Americans are turning to something called limb-lengthening surgery. It’s a procedure where doctors literally break each leg bone into two parts, and then implant a device that slowly pulls those parts away from each other. Then, new bone grows in the middle, while muscle, nerves, and arteries regenerate around it. And it can increase your height up to six inches. 

Until recently, limb-lengthening surgery was only performed on people who had severe deformities, or dwarfism, but today, a lot more people – especially men - are getting the surgery for cosmetic reasons!

That’s the word from Dr. Dor Paley, an orthopaedic surgeon who performs more than 600 leg-lengthening surgeries a year. He says a lot of his new patients have a psychiatric disorder called “height dysphoria” – which simply means they’re unhappy with their height. And unlike other disorders, Dr. Paley says height dysphoria is something that you can actually cure with a knife.

We read about one man who had the surgery – he says he was “devastated” when he stopped growing at 4-feet, 11-inches. He says most people told him to just accept “what God gave him” but the way he sees it: If a kid has crooked teeth, you’d give them braces. So he decided to do something about it, and thanks to this surgery, he’s three inches taller so far!

It’s worth pointing out that limb-lengthening surgery is extremely painful and expensive, and it takes months just to add a couple inches to your height.

But if you’d like to go further, there’s an online forum for people interested in limb-lengthening surgery. It’s at MakeMeTaller.org.