If you want to find a good doctor, it’s time to consider what doctors look for when they pick their own physicians:

The first thing they look for: Someone with knowledge of new research. The truth is: Doctors who practice at teaching hospitals connected to universities tend to be more familiar with the latest studies and techniques.

They also look for: A good track record. Experts say it’s important to check a physician’s malpractice history by contacting your state's medical board. But don’t let one lawsuit stop you from seeing someone - especially if they’ve been practicing for a long time. Some specialists average one lawsuit every 3 years, but doctors are proven right about 80% of the time.

The 3rd thing doctors look for when choosing their own physician: Strong communication skills. Marie Savard is the author of How to Save Your Own Life. And she says you want someone who’ll take the time to go over test results and explain your options. More importantly, you need to feel comfortable enough to tell them everything.

And finally: Look for a doctor who practices what they preach. Every MD will tell you to wash your hands frequently to prevent colds - but do they scrub up before they examine you? It’s also a good idea to avoid cardiologists who smoke, and dermatologists who own tanning beds.  Because you’ll feel more secure knowing that your doctor follows the advice they dole out.