Career experts say the boss may be giving off signals that you’re on their “dislike list.” So, you need to know how to read the signs:

  • Suddenly, nothing you do is right. If your supervisor is micromanaging every single thing you do, experts say it’s a classic sign they don’t trust you to get the job done. So ask the boss if you can follow-up at regular intervals – like Wednesdays and Fridays. That way, the boss can keep track of you – but you won’t feel like he’s breathing down your neck.

  • Has your boss stopped including you in meetings or on important emails? Those are red flags you’re either not considered important enough to be included – or you’re purposefully being excluded. Both bad scenarios! If that’s the case – approach the boss and ask why you’re not being included. But don’t get defensive or accusatory. It could be an honest mistake. If not, tell the boss that to do your job effectively you need the information from those meetings or emails. If she still doesn’t want you included – ask her if you can get filled in from someone who IS in the loop.

  • They give you zero feedback. Experts say that usually means they don’t care enough about you to invest time or energy training you or helping you improve. So go to the boss and say, “I’d love to get your input on my work. I’m happy to work on areas that need improvement. This job is important to me and I want to grow here.”

Hopefully your boss will appreciate you taking the initiative to get things back on track. If not – it may be time to brush up that resume.