You and I, and our TV remotes, have a lot of power today. That’s because our TV-viewing habits are changing the way TV shows are made! For example:

  • Say goodbye to “flashbacks” – where shows spend time recapping a big cliffhanger from a previous episode. Instead, more shows are following what “The Walking Dead” recently did. At the start of their new season, they just jumped in, and picked up the action where it left off last season!

  • Also, say goodbye to waiting a whole week to see new episodes of your favorite shows. That’s because more shows will be put out like the show “House of Cards” – which recently debuted on Netflix. Instead of introducing one episode a week, they released all 13 episodes at once! What’s going on? Experts say it has to do with a TV-viewing trend known as “binge-watching” – or “marathoning.” That’s where we sit and watch entire seasons of a show in one sitting. Thanks to DVRs, iTunes, and Netflix, a lot of us are now binge-watching shows when we want to watch them – instead of when networks schedule them, and that’s changing the way shows are made! 

          Because in the past, TV producers assumed that we forgotten what happened on the show a week             ago. So they’d load the beginning of episodes with flashbacks and recaps - to keep us up to                       date. But today, more producers are assuming that fans know what’s happening all the time! 

Also know this: A new study shows that TV ratings often double when binge-viewers are factored in. That’s why experts say, in the near future, more shows will stop coming out as once-a-week “episodes”. Instead, producers will create 13 straight hours of a show, and then leave it up to us to decide when we want to watch.