Is it the diplomas on the wall? Recommendations from friends? Turns out for a lot of people, the base their opinion on an old stand by. The white lab coat.
When it comes to feeling comfortable with their doctor the majority of people want them to wear those lab coats. This is in spite of the fact that doctors feel like the coats aren't very sanitary or comfortable. Researcher Dr. J. Douse recently did a survey of 500 doctors and patients in London to see what they thought about those white coats. 56% of patients wanted their doctors to wear them. And one of the main reasons was they felt the doctors wearing them were more trustworthy. They also liked being able to easily identify who the doctor was in a crowded office. And when a doctor was wearing a white lab coat, the patients felt they got better care.
Doctors had the opposite opinion. Only 26% of the doctors wanted the coats. And 70% thought they were an infection risk. But my question is   if those coats are such an infection risk, why don't they just wash them more often?